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About Us

Ken Tomaszewski     PhD, MS, President, CEO

Dr. Tomaszewski has an extensive market research background. His areas of expertise include discrete choice decision modeling, market share, and loyalty analysis. Much of Ken’s work has focused on the pharmaceutical industry, medical device, and cost-effectiveness (outcomes) research, yet he has experiences across many industries. He works with several research teams focusing on pharmaceutical, medical device, higher education, financial services, sports/entertainment and other research.
Lynn Clement    Chief Of Staff

Lynn Clement has an extensive background in the healthcare market research industry. With a passion for healthcare delivery and life sciences, her career started in marketing and strategic planning for a Community Health System. It was there she uncovered an enthusiasm for research and analysis which led to her current career in evidence based consulting. Over the last 10 years, Lynn has worked with clients in the life sciences field in the design and management of hundreds of qualitative and quantitative research projects in the US and abroad. Lynn is a RIVA trained focus group moderator with experience conducting groups and IDIs among various stakeholders in the healthcare industry.
As a Vice President and Chief of Staff at KJT Group, Lynn is responsible for providing clients with strategic insights and research guidance throughout the product life cycle. Lynn earned her MPH with a concentration in Health Policy and Management from Columbia University and her bachelor’s degree in Health and Society from the University of Rochester. She is currently a member of the International Society For Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR), the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO).

KJT Group ( is a full service life sciences market research and insight consultancy firm. Established in 2007, KJT Group employs nearly 50 full-time staff in New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, South Carolina and The Netherlands. KJT Group is a member of the National Council on Public Polls (NCPP), Council of American Survey Research Organizations (CASRO) and the European Society Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR).