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July 2014



Creating An Innovation Engine For Market Research

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Innovation may be the hottest topic in market research these days.  Conference agendas promise the latest and greatest, and clients continually ask their agency partners to show them “what’s new.”  Almost all of the conversation is around “content”—what the innovation is. For the most part this was true at the Insight Innovation Exchange (IIeX) held in Atlanta in June, which I wrote about in my last Insight Landscape post .  Amidst the buzz about new methods it can be difficult to separate fad from true innovation and true innovation from technology substitution (e.g., replacing a manual process with an automated one).  And despite the creativity of some of the new solutions we heard about at IIeX, the market research industry lacks a true innovation engine like those found in many of our client industries (of which the Lowe’s Innovation Lab described by Kyle Nel at IIeX is a great example).  I was invited to share some thoughts at IIeX about how we might drive more innovation in market research.  What follows is a brief recap of my presentation. (more…)