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February 2014



Does “traditional” market research have a role in the future of insight creation?

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Greenbook has just released the latest version of its Research Industry Trends (GRIT 14) survey of market research buyers and sellers.  Among other findings, the report reveals trends in client organizations’ use of “new” research technologies such as online communities (down), mobile surveys (down), social media analytics (up), text analytics (flat), and big data analytics (up). The technologies that are trending up have one thing in common:  they do not require direct active interrogation of consumers.  Almost all of our “traditional” market research techniques, on the other hand, require some kind of dialogue with the consumer, whether or not it takes place in real time. (more…)



January 2014



From Market Researcher to “Insight Scientist”

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In an article in the October, 2012 issue of Harvard Business Review, Thomas H. Davenport and D.J. Patil proclaim that “data scientist” is “the sexiest job of the 21st century.”  There’s no doubt that data scientists are in demand as the digital trails we generate grow exponentially (in just the last few months I’ve added Instagram, Snapchat and a second Twitter account).   “Big data” places a high premium on the ability to write code for algorithms that will clean, transform, and beat these new (and often unstructured) data streams into submission and they yield up their secrets. (more…)



November 2013



Big Data—the Insight Engine of the Future?

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It seems that you cannot open a business-focused magazine these days without bumping into the claim that big data will forever change the way we do business, including the way we understand customers.  But like many of the things we have heard over the last couple of decades about the impact of digitizing everything under the sun, there is both more and less to the claims being made for big data.