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December 2013



Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places: How to Uncover Unmet Customer Needs

Written by , Posted in Business Insights, Market Reseach, Optimizing Insight

Most research briefs that come our way these days have somewhere in the stated objectives, “uncover unmet needs,” either as the focal point of the research or an add-on to other central objectives.  For decades, entrepreneurs, marketers, and philanthropists have followed this one piece of advice for achieving success:  find a need and fill it.  Startup companies often emerge from an entrepreneur’s struggle to solve a specific problem.  When the solution is found, a company is born to bring that solution to others with the same problem. (more…)



November 2013



Realizing the Value of Mixed Respondent Mini-Groups

Written by , Posted in Research Methods

Early in my career I was told that mixing physician types and other medical professionals in group interview settings was a no-no.  The main concerns surround the potential biasing influence of dominant personalities, the influence of role relationships outside of the group, and the possibility that respondent worries about appearances or reputation will stifle open conversation. (more…)